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GlobileNet is your qualified, friendly, local electrician that can service you quickly and efficiently because they operate within your immediate area. We ensure quality service delivery by looking after our relationship with our customers and working hard to ensure we deliver win-win technologies and services in our local community.

We do this by:

  1. Ensuring our qualifications and all necessary insurances are current.
  2. Targeting business that keeps us within 15 minutes from your home or business.
  3. Providing timely response
  4. Providing timely delivery of quotes
  5. Creating dependability of attendance to our local community.
  6. Communicating regularly where delays or exceptions are experienced.
  7. Providing a high level of overall professionalism in both quoting and job completion.
  8. Making sure disputes are attended to and properly handled.
  9. Providing an advisory service to all clients on matters of Smart Home, Lighting, Power, Computer, TV, and alarm systems, where you are looking for pre-quotation support.
  10. Setting price range expectations for budgeting purposes.
  11. Offering the best type of skills and qualifications required for tasks you want to undertake.

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